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17 Sep, 2013

The Lakes Restaurant, Peppers Clearwater Resort, New Zealand

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New Zealand was a country which I have been since I was very young with my parents, I could hardly remember anything other than the beautiful photographs with scenic background and happy faces with my parents. Recently I had a chance to revisit this beautiful country, and the city which I went was Christchurch, the garden city.

Peppers Clearwater Resort, Christchurch, New Zealand
The hotel which I resided in was Peppers Clearwater Resort. Located only about 10 minutes away from the airport, the resort offers amazing view of the lake and golf course.

Living Room, Peppers Clearwater Resort
I was very impressed with the room. Other than a dining room, bedroom and a balcony, I also had my own kitchen to do my own cooking.

Bedroom, Peppers Clearwater Resort
The bedroom was huge and comfortable. Even though it was winter in Christchurch, the room was warm and relaxed.

View from the resort, Peppers Clearwater Resort
I was lucky to occupy the second floor of the resort, the view from my room was beautiful. And I was blessed that the weather was bright and sunny.

Fireplace, Peppers Clearwater Resort
Breakfast in the next morning was at the Lakes Restaurant, which was only a few steps away from the room. There was a fireplace around the reception where one can sit back and relax with a book.

Cereal with Milk, The Lakes Restaurant, Peppers Clearwater Resort
Since I was feeling hungry, I had the Full Breakfast, which was priced at 26 New Zealand Dollars. The breakfast includes a full continental breakfast with a selection of any hot main course in their menu. Pictured above was the milk and cereal which I had.

Butter Milk Pancakes, The Lakes Restaurant, Peppers Clearwater Resort
For my main course, I had the Butter Milk Pancakes. The pancakes were served with Canadian maple syrup and bacon and bananas. The pancakes were soft and fluffy, complemented with banana, bacon and maple syrup, it was awesome. My breakfast was an enjoyable one, with good food and lovely lake view, it was awesome.

After breakfast it was time to burn some calories in the stomach. I went to the reception to ask for directions to town. The resort was rather far from town and the only public transport that takes me directly to town took me 50 minutes to walk to the bus stop. But I wasn’t complaining at all, in fact, it was a nice walk down the road.

Avon River, Christchurch
I took the B Line Bus to the city centre. The bus stopped at Lichfield Street, where the public bus interchange and Re:Start Mall was. I seek for directions and followed the path along Avon River to the Botanic Gardens.

Botanic Gardens, Christchurch
Soon I arrived at the Botanic Gardens. Pictured above was the Peacock Fountains with the Canterbury Museum visible behind. The Botanic Gardens was beautiful, and in my opinion, a must to visit in Christchurch, since the city was so well-known as a garden city.

Botanic Gardens, Christchurch
The gardens was huge and I strolled around the park, taking photos and enjoying the clean air and the stunning scenery.

Heather Garden, Botanic Gardens, Christchurch
The Heather Garden offered vibrant colours of heaths and heathers which provide colour and interest throughout the year. After visiting the Botanic Gardens, I followed the map and visited the Cathedral Square. Unfortunately, the place was mainly scaffold and recovering from the devastating earthquake which hit the country in 2011. It was painful to watch but I pray for the city to recover as soon as possible.

Lyttleton, Christchurch
My next destination was to Lyttlelton Port of Christchurch. I took the number 28 bus from the public bus interchange and it took me straight to Christchurch Gondola stop. A single ticket for an adult was 25 New Zealand Dollars.

Christchurch Gondola, Christchurch
The gondola brought me up to the top of the hill where I could capture the stunning view of Christchurch. The weather was comparatively colder than on ground and it was misty and windy there. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the view of the cityscape of Christchurch.

Lyttleton Harbour, Christchurch
After the gondola trip, I took the same bus towards Lyttleton Harbour and took a few photos around the city.

Resort Information
Clearwater Avenue
Northwood, Christchurch 8015
South Island
New Zealand.
Tel: +64 3 360 1009

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