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It’s been quite a while since we went to this restaurant. Since it was quite near to my place, we just went over to have dinner. There’re quite a lot of eateries around this area, there is a restaurant serving Middle Eastern food located on the same row as Miu Kai Restaurant, we were thinking […]

26 Jun, 2008

Uncle Duck Restaurant (得哥火锅餐厅)

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Chinese Food

We were shopping in Times Square before going to Stadium Merdeka for Eason Chan’s concert. We actually got free tickets for the concert! Anyway, before the concert starts, it’s better to have dinner so that we wouldn’t starve ourselves later. While wondering around, we passed by Uncle Duck Restaurant, a place that we wanted to […]

We were craving for steamboat one night but it was quite late so we thought of visiting Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant since it opens until midnight. We haven’t been to this place for ages. I used to remember that the steamboat was quite good here. I wonder if they’re still the same. Anyway, this Sri […]

After reading numerous positive reviews about this restaurant, we finally had the chance to try it out! It was our first time visiting this place even though we’ve passed by here many times. The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of Lot 10, it is situated near Secret Recipe. The interior of the restaurant, […]

We’re sure that most of you would’ve visited or heard about this restaurant. The first and main restaurant is located in Jalan Gasing, where business is flourishing all year long. We used to visit there for its chicken rice until this branch is opened in Sri Petaling, making it more convenient to visit this restaurant […]

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