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04 Sep, 2011

Jacky’s Kitchen

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Chinese Food|United Kingdom

After buying some Chinese pastries from Caffé Chino in Birmingham China Town, we continued looking for the Chinese restaurant which was recommended by TripAdvisor.

Jacky's Kitchen
We found the restaurant easily. It was within walking distance from China Town.

Interior, Jacky's Kitchen
The interior of the restaurant was rather small but homely and comfortable.

Sichuan spicy sliced chicken, Jacky's Kitchen
We were lucky to arrive early at the restaurant because it was very packed subsequently. It took us quite some time to decide what to have since they had an extensive menu. Our orders arrived rather fast. We started our dinner with a famous Chinese cold dish, Sichuan spicy sliced chicken (口水鸡). Priced at £5.50, this dish was exceptionally good, thick succulent slices of white chopped chicken were served cold in spicy dark red oil. The serving was generous, and it was definitely a good appetiser to start with!

Minced pork with vermicelli, Jacky's Kitchen
For our mains, we had a minced pork with vermicelli (蚂蚁上树) for £6.50. The dish was served piping hot, and the serving was rather big. Thin silky vermicelli was cooked with minced pork with chili bean sauce. It was moderately spicy, very fragrant and delicious. Something worth trying out if you like Sichuan cuisine.

Chili and garlic aubergine casserole, Jacky's Kitchen
Our chili and garlic aubergine casserole (鱼香茄子煲) was served rather late due to a mistaken order. But it was worth the wait. Priced at £6.50, the aubergine strips were soaked in the spicy garlic sauce and very flavourful when eaten with white rice. Do check this dish out if you happen to visit this restaurant!

Overall it was a very scrumptious and filling meal. Service was rather moderate but food was very authentic and delicious. We would recommend this Chinese restaurant to any persons residing in or visiting Birmingham.

Restaurant Information
Unit 4 Southside
Bromsgrove Street
 B5 6QB
United Kingdom.
Tel: 0121 666 7187

2 Responses to "Jacky’s Kitchen"

1 | ai wei

September 4th, 2011 at 9:38 pm


i like the name of 蚂蚁上树. so cute.
wonder how they get the name

2 | eatonlylar

September 8th, 2011 at 2:04 am


Ai Wei, the name 蚂蚁上树 (literal meaning – ants climbing up the tree) has a very interesting historical origin. The dish was named so because it was thought that the tiny minced pork on the vermicelli looked like a number of ants slowly climbing up the top.

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