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19 Jul, 2012

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd (锦选香港特级点心)

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Chinese Food

When we crave for Dim Sum, a good option would be Jin Xuan Dim Restaurant. It was a place where one of us have been visiting for a long time and the food has been consistently good and reasonably priced.

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
We usually visit the Kuchai Lama branch, which is the main restaurant. But we have also been to their outlet in Damansara Jaya.

Interior, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
The restaurant is usually very crowded during lunch time, especially on Sunday afternoons. On one of our visits, we were lucky because they opened a new section for us to dine in, which was peaceful and quiet.

Siu Mai, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
Our usual order at Jin Xuan includes the Siu Mai (一级烧卖). Priced at RM4.50, their pork dumplings never fail to impress us, it was juicy and meaty, we enjoyed eating it at all times!

Crystal Shrimp Dumpling, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
Also priced at RM4.50, we had their Crystal Shrimp Dumpling (晶透水晶包) which we thought was quite good. The dumplings were moist and juicy and they had a good crunch to it.

Steamed Beancurd and Har Gao, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
As Foo Chuk lovers, we ordered their Steamed Beancurd (香味腐竹卷) priced at RM4. We found it quite tasty, the meat was fresh and it had a good bite with it. On the further back of the photo, we also had their Har Gao (顶好虾饺王) which we thought was quite good as the prawn was fresh and not overcooked.

Deep-fried Eggplant, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
We also ordered a couple of items from the pan-fried and deep-fried section. One of our favourites was the Deep-fried Eggplant (鲜鱼酿茄子) priced at RM4.50. It was simple yet delicious.

Fried Yam Pastry and Golden Egg Tart, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
We also had a Fried Yam Pastry (芋角) priced at RM4. This is one of my favourite Dim Sums and a must-order whenever I visit Dim Sum places. Best eaten when it was served, Jin Xuan’s Fried Yam Pastry was always good. As seen in the photo, we also had their Golden Egg Tart (窝蛋焗蛋挞). Priced at RM3.60 for two pieces of egg tarts, we find it quite good but nothing too special.

Baked Custard Bun and Lotus Paste Bun, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
Priced at RM4, their Baked Custard Bun (飘香菠萝包) wasn’t the most impressive item around to order though.  However, the Lotus Paste Bun (莲蓉蛋黄包) was quite good and we liked it, maybe because it was sweet and nice.

Thousand Year Egg and Pork Congee, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
When having Dim Sum, we like to order porridge as we find that it goes well with Dim Sum in general. Priced at RM4, we had a bowl of Thousand Year Egg and Pork Congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥) to share. Jin Xuan’s porridge was nice but nothing extraordinary.

Golden Bun, Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
Lastly and most importantly, whenever we visit Jin Xuan, we never fail to order this item from the menu, the Golden Bun (流沙包). Priced at RM3.60, we found this the most amazing creation from Jin Xuan. Though it might not seem like much from the photo, the bun was simply amazing, the rich filling with salted egg yolk was delicious, and we can’t stop ourselves from ordering more each time we’re there. We highly recommend everyone to try this bun out!

On a whole we loved eating Dim Sum at this place. Although the restaurant can be very busy at times, but service was fast and efficient. We thought their Golden Bun was very delicious, and we would revisit the restaurant just for that item alone. Do check this place out, worth getting a try if you like Dim Sum!

Restaurant Information
A32, 34, 36, Jalan 1/116B
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7982 6812

5 Responses to "Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd (锦选香港特级点心)"

1 | Simple Person

July 19th, 2012 at 9:20 am


i agree the dim sum there is not bad..
maybe there are too many branches and the quality is kinda drop..

2 | Baby Sumo

July 19th, 2012 at 10:48 am


Can I ask if you know what is their opening times? Try looking on their website but couldnt find any info.

3 | The Yum List

July 22nd, 2012 at 11:24 am


Ooh, the Golden Bun is going to be my first order :-)

4 | eatonlylar

July 26th, 2012 at 6:42 pm


Simple Person, oh, really? We thought Jin Xuan’s Dim Sum is still quite good overall. =)

Baby Sumo, sorry but we’re not sure about their opening times as well. Can’t seem to find it anywhere else also, the only way is to find out from the restaurant itself.

The Yum List, yup, good taste! That’s the best thing in this restaurant, do check it out!

5 | 86Shauna

August 25th, 2017 at 7:29 pm


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