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22 Oct, 2011

Coffee Company

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Dessert|Netherlands

Having completed our first day in Amsterdam by walking around on our own, we thought it would be informative to go on a proper tour of the city of get an idea of the city’s history. So on the following day, we headed towards the starting point of Sandemans New Amsterdam free walking tour. These free tours are organised in many major tourist cities in Europe and past experiences have proven them to be very informative and useful. Whilst they are free, the tour guides receive their income based on tips at the end of the tour, so if the tour was satisfactory then it would be appropriate to tip the tour guide a reasonable amount.

Hand on breast sculpture, Amsterdam
The tour started off in Dam Square with our tour guide, Simon, telling the group about the history of Amsterdam in a nutshell and how it came to be. Eventually we headed over to the Red Light District for another history lesson. This sculpture on the ground beside the Old Church was pointed out to us.  It was placed in the pavement by an unknown artist in the dead of night many years ago. To this date, it represents the women of the Red Light District and is a symbol of the city’s respect towards anonymity.

Slanted Buildings, Amsterdam
Along the tour we were also told why almost all the building in Amsterdam are slanting forwards. It was due to the pulley system built on the top of the front of each building to lift big and heavy objects into the building through the big windows. With the buildings leaning forwards, objects being lifted by the pulley system would not scrape against the wall or hit the windows on the way up.

Coffee Company
Halfway through the tour, we were back at Dam Square and stopped for a short break to get a drink. We could go anywhere that we wanted, but the tour company has an arrangement with Coffee Company so we decided to just get some coffee there.

Interior, Coffee Company
The café was trendy and colourful. There was a wide selection of drinks, all of which sounded good. We could not try them all unfortunately.

Interior, Coffee Company
There were seats inside the café, but most of the seats were outside. Perfect on a warm summer day to enjoy a cup of coffee while people-watching.

White Frozen Moka, Coffee Company
We had a small cup of White Frozen Moka for €3.45. This ice-blended drink was perfect to cool us down for the hot summer weather. It was sweet with a good blend of coffee and chocolate.

Gouda Stroopwafels, Coffee Company
We also informed the cashier that we were in the tour group and we were presented with two complimentary Gouda Stroopwafels – one for each of us. These syrup waffles are a traditional Dutch snack. Delicately sweet, they’re best eaten when warm. More information on Coffee Company can be found on their Dutch website.

The Begijnhof, Amsterdam
We continued on the tour after the short break. Another point of interest in the tour was The Begijnhof. This compound used to be a Béguinage and now serves as private dwellings. Even though it is located in the centre of the city, very near to the busy Dam Square, this compound was peaceful and serene.

Jesus statue at the Begijnhof, Amsterdam
There is a statue of Jesus on the main lawn of the Begijnhof, sculpted by Johannes Petrus Maas.

Homomonument, Amsterdam
The tour ended near the Westerkerk and the Anne Frank House. Pictured above is one-thirds of the Homomonument near the Westerkerk. It is a monument commemorating all homosexuals who have been subject to persecution due to their homosexuality.

The tour was really informative and rich in history. Do not be put off by this, it was not dull in the least. Simon made it funny and interesting to hear. Having been on the tours in other cities, it will be safe to say that all the Sandemans tour guides will make their tours funny, interesting and informative at the same time. The tours are really value for money as one can decide how much money to tip the tour guide at the end (if at all, but it’s kind of mean if you don’t tip after such excellent service). Readers can check out the Sandemans New Europe website to find out which cities tours are being offered in. We would really recommend going on these tours on the first or second day of a visit to a new city to get some historical background to the city and to get a rough idea of the city’s layout. One can also ask the tour guide any questions during and after the tour and they will be happy to help (for instance, we asked where we can get good Indonesian food, but that’s a story for another post).

Café Information
Dam 10
1012 NP Amsterdam
Tel: 020-7787886

5 Responses to "Coffee Company"

1 | ai wei

October 22nd, 2011 at 6:19 pm


ahhh, Stroopwafels!!! miss the one you gave me, it’s really yummy to go with black coffee

2 | Lilly London

October 24th, 2011 at 6:39 pm


I love Amsterdam, it is a great place to visit! Love the pictures you have done, simply amazing!

3 | Kantjil & de Tijger, Amsterdam | Eat Only Lar!

October 26th, 2011 at 6:13 pm


[…] concluded the free walking tour of Amsterdam, next up on our itinerary was a canal cruise of […]

4 | eatonlylar

October 27th, 2011 at 12:45 pm


ai wei: Yeahh, they’re best with a hot drink! Wouldn’t mind some now!

Lilly London: Thank you! Glad to see you enjoyed the blog.

5 | Albina, Amsterdam | Eat Only Lar!

November 7th, 2011 at 11:58 pm


[…] Surinamese restaurant called Albina in the area thanks to a recommendation from our tour guide the previous day. We were very interested to try the food as it was something totally new to […]

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