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15 Sep, 2011

Hong Kong Special Waffle (香港鸡蛋仔)

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Dessert|United Kingdom

After a scrumptious dinner at Tuk Din, we decided to go to China Town for a walk and also for some desserts!

Interior, M&M’s World
In the Leicester Square area, when we were walking towards China Town, we discovered this colourful M&M’s World which looked very attractive to us. The place was very lively and happening and we decided to visit it! Inside, we discovered that this candy store has more than candy to offer. There were various merchandise items such as M&M t-shirts, soft toys and accessories for sale. The staff were very cheerful and they were very friendly towards children. Only later did we found out that this is the largest candy store in the world!

M&M statue, M&M’s World
There were also many cute M&M statues in the store to take photos with. Other than that, there were also a number of interactive games for people of all ages. It was very fun, walking around with pleasant surprises. We would recommend tourists and family with children to visit this cheery place!

M&M’s chocolate, M&M’s World
Of course, one would be able to buy M&M’s chocolate here. There was a huge section with many tall glass cylinders filled with M&M’s in a variety of colours. It was hard to resist some M&M’s at the moment and we bought a packet of peanut M&M’s to snack on.

Hong Kong Special Waffle
Still craving for more snacks, we walked along Gerrard Street looking out for more food. When we reached the end of the street, we noticed this stall outside New China Gate Supermarket selling Hong Kong special waffle, also known as eggette, but more popularly known as gai daan jai (香港鸡蛋仔). There were quite a few newspaper articles of Hong Kong celebrities having eggette displayed in front of the stall. The aroma of the waffle was so tempting and we couldn’t resist but to give it a try!

Hong Kong Special Waffle
There were a number of flavours to choose from, we decided to have our gai daan jai with condensed milk. We watched as our gai daan jai was being made from a sweet batter cooked on a hot griddle. When it was almost done, the seller drizzled condensed milk on the waffle and it was served warm to us.

Hong Kong Special Waffle
Gai daan jai is usually made from eggs, sugar, flour, and light evaporated milk. Priced at £3 per packet, this fluffy and soft snack was absolutely delicious! It was sweet and light, and if you have a sweet tooth, the condensed milk would definitely add an extra kick to it! In our subsequent visit we tried their peanut flavour, which we liked a lot as well!

It was nice walking around China Town area in London and discovered street snacks from Asia. It satisfied our cravings for Asian food!

Stall Information
In front of New China Gate Supermarket
On the corner of Gerrard Place and Newport Place
United Kingdom.

4 Responses to "Hong Kong Special Waffle (香港鸡蛋仔)"

1 | ai wei

September 15th, 2011 at 9:28 pm


never by me M&M >.<
i love this HK waffle!!! fluffy and airy.
ahhh, miss it so badly now

2 | Gordy

September 16th, 2011 at 8:47 pm


This place is the heaven for me.M&M are my favourite!

3 | eatonlylar

September 19th, 2011 at 6:20 pm


Ai Wei: hehe, we’ll go get M&Ms here! The HK waffle was very nice. So nice to snack on!

Gordy: Definitely heaven for M&M lovers! We enjoyed it very much!

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September 21st, 2011 at 10:04 pm


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