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20 Apr, 2013

Island Cremery

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Dessert

On our mutual off day, Jefrey brought me to an ice-cream place which he promised that I would like.

Island Cremery, Singapore
We arrived at Island Cremery, an ice-cream place located next to McDonald’s in Serene Centre. The ice-cream place opens from 11am to 10pm daily and offers a good range of ice-creams with local flavours.

Interior, Island Cremery
The café was rather small but lively and cosy. There were many diners after dinner, enjoying their dessert in Island Cremery.

Interior, Island Cremery
The walls of the café were decorated with cheerful photos of their customers.

Durian and Nutella Ice-cream, Island Cremery
Jefrey had two scoops of ice-creams – Durian and the Nutella ice-cream. Priced at $5.20 for double scoop in a cup, the Durian ice-cream was fantastic, it was very rich in durian flavour but not too sweet at the same time, we loved it! The Nutella ice-cream was nice as well, no doubt any Nutella lovers would enjoy the ice-cream!

Pulut Hitam and Chendol Ice-cream, Island Cremery
As for me, I had the Pulut Hitam and Chendol ice-cream topped with peanuts. I have always been a fan of Pulut Hitam, a traditional Malay rice pudding dessert flavoured with coconut milk. It was my first time having Pulut Hitam in an ice-cream form, and it was delicious and I would highly recommend this to my readers! The Chendol ice-cream was another item which I would recommend also.

Island Cremery gave me a very unique experience with ice-cream, being able to have ice-creams in local flavours! For those who have not been to this place, I highly recommend you to do so! For more information, please visit their official website.

Café Information
10 Jalan Serene
#01-03 Serene Centre
258748 Singapore.
Tel: +65 64688859

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