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17 Nov, 2011

Pancakes! Amsterdam

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Dessert|Dutch Food

After returning from the Zaanse Schans windmill village, we continued walking around the city centre until it was time for dinner.

Canal, Amsterdam
Above was a photo of the canal and the city of Amsterdam in the evening.

Magna Plaza, Amsterdam
Since we had some free time to spare, we shopped around in the Magna Plaza until we were hungry. The shopping mall was located behind the Queens Palace on the Dam square, it was a nice mall to shop for designer clothing and fashion accessories.

Pancakes! Amsterdam, Amsterdam
When it was time for dinner, we took the tram to the Jordaan neighbourhood. We found Pancakes! Amsterdam and dined in the place. The café opens from 10am until 7pm, we arrived early to have an early dinner that day.

Interior, Pancakes! Amsterdam
The place was rather small, but it was nice and cosy. We found out about this place from our usual TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet guide.

Poffertjes with powdered sugar and butter, Pancakes! Amsterdam
Since we are big fans of poffertjes (traditional Dutch pancakes), we decided to try their poffertjes with powdered sugar and butter which was priced at €5.50. It took them a while to serve the poffertjes but it was definitely worth the wait. We loved the mini Dutch pancakes! They were very fresh, light and fluffy, simple but delicious when eaten with the powdered sugar and butter.

Indian style pancake with chickpea pancake, Pancakes! Amsterdam
For our second pancake, we decided to be adventurous and tried their Indian style pancake with chickpea pancake served with three types of condiments – chicken curry, mango chutney and cucumber salad. Priced at €12.50, Pancakes! impressed us again. The chickpea pancake was thin and crusty, very delicious when eaten with the chicken curry or the mango chutney. The cucumber salad was very sour and appetising, a balanced contrast to the curry.

We loved the pancakes in Pancakes! They were very delicious and addictive! Service was very good as well. We would highly recommend readers to check this place out when visiting Amsterdam. For more information and menu, please read more on their website. Stay with us for the last post on Amsterdam!

Café Information
Berenstraat 38
1016GH Amsterdam
Tel: 020 528 9797

4 Responses to "Pancakes! Amsterdam"

1 | ai wei

November 17th, 2011 at 10:45 pm


yer, i also wan. izzit difficult to make???

2 | Choi Yen

November 18th, 2011 at 1:44 pm


Is the Dutch pancake taste similar with the normal pancake we have with maple syrup or honey?

3 | Kam Yin Surinamese-Chinese Restaurant, Amsterdam | Eat Only Lar!

November 21st, 2011 at 2:37 pm


[…] a delightful early dinner at Pancakes! Amsterdam, we spent a good amount of time walking around the city and taking pictures. It was our last night […]

4 | eatonlylar

November 21st, 2011 at 3:17 pm


Ai Wei, I have no idea how poffertjes were made, but they definitely taste good!

Choi Yen, the Dutch pancakes tasted a bit different from the pancakes that we have here. They were lighter and fluffier in texture whereas ours are denser and bigger in size. Poffertjes were served with powdered sugar, which gave it a different taste as well.

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