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09 Oct, 2011

Tea & Cake

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Dessert|United Kingdom

Regular readers would have known that we both have a sweet tooth. After passing this café one day by chance, we decided to walk in and have some tea and cake!

Tea and Cake
Tea and Cake is located on Wellfield Road, about 20 minutes walk from the city centre.

Interior, Tea and Cake
When we walked into the café, we were greeted by colourful and attractive candy merchandise sold in old-fashioned jars in rows. It was hard to resist the temptation of buying lots of candies home.

Interior, Tea and Cake
Walk further in and you will find interesting gifts and souvenirs on the shelves. Their products ranged from pretty teapots and vintage kitchenware to funky jewellery and lovely toys like dolls from Momiji.

Interior, Tea and Cake
The trendy little café was located at the back of the shop. Although the café was a bit small, the seats were comfortable and staff were friendly.

Interior, Tea and Cake
There were extra seats located in the middle of the shop near the merchandise gifts. Diners can choose whichever seat which they felt comfortable with.

Lemon & Honey and China sencha, Tea and Cake
We started out by having their teas. Priced at £2.20 per pot, on the left we had the Lemon & Honey and on the right we had the china sencha. As a green tea lover, china sencha was the right selection for me. It was simple and earthy, a very balance combination especially after eating the cakes. The lemon & honey was light and refreshing with a mild citrussy flavour. It had a hint of natural sweetness thanks to the honey and was a perfect blend of tea on its own. No sugar required!

Baked chocolate cheesecake, Tea and Cake
Choosing which cakes to have was a tough decision, since we were spoilt with so many choices. After much contemplation, we decided to have the baked chocolate cheesecake priced at £2.50 per slice. It was absolutely delicious, the texture was smooth and it had the immediate melt-in-your-mouth effect. Both the cheese and the chocolate flavour balanced each other perfectly and the cake was good to the last bite!

Blueberry and lemon cake, Tea and Cake
Feeling like having something fruity that day, we also had a blueberry and lemon cake priced at £2.95 per slice. This too, was amazing! The cake was nice and soft while the zesty lemon taste gave the cake an appetising sensation. It was definitely worth a try!

Chocolate and banana cake, Tea and Cake
Still craving for more sweets, we ordered a chocolate and banana cake. Priced at £2.95, the cake was also a scrumptious dessert. We were surprised to discover pineapples in it, although it formed a good combination with the smooth and rich chocolate banana cake. We loved the creamy icing layer on top of the cake, it gave the cake an extra smooth texture.

We have been to the tea place twice and both were pleasant experiences. The price was reasonable and the staff were friendly and helpful, especially the proprietor. We were surprised to find Tea and Cake’s ranking dropping tremendously on TripAdvisor. This place also serves sandwiches, paninis, bagels, salads and fresh soup. A very nice spot for lunch! We would definitely revisit if we have the chance!

Café Information
36 Wellfield Road
Cardiff CF24 3BP
United Kingdom.
Tel: 029 2021 8815

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