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26 Nov, 2011

ZenQ Desserts (仙Q甜品专卖店)

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Dessert|Taiwanese Food

As dessert lovers, we were thrilled when we knew that there was a Taiwanese dessert place opening in Bangsar. We visited ZenQ on the first night when they opened. At that time, they were having a buy one get one free opening promotion, which we thought was worth checking out!

Interior, ZenQ Desserts
The newly opened dessert place was bright and cheerful. Service was quite good as well, as they explained their menu to us.

Interior, ZenQ Desserts
The serving method was rather similar to Snowflake’s. After placing our order at the counter, we received a beeping UFO device which would vibrate when our desserts are ready.

ZenQ MySignature, ZenQ Desserts
Since it was our first time in ZenQ, we decided to try their ZenQ MySignature (仙Q招牌仙草). Priced at RM7.50, we find ourselves enjoying this bowl of dessert with shaved ice, taro balls, grass jelly, crystal noodles and pearls. The sugar level was just right, a very nice and cooling dessert after meal. We would definitely reorder again!

Pearl Milk Tea, ZenQ Desserts
As bubble tea lovers, we tried their Pearl Milk Tea (波霸奶茶) which was priced at RM6.90. Due to the opening promotion, we had this pearl milk tea free as it was the product of lesser value. ZenQ’s version of bubble tea was quite nice, the tea was rather mild in flavour and the pearls were sweet and chewy. We have to admit that it wasn’t the best bubble tea that we’ve had so far, but it wasn’t too bad as well.

Matcha & Red Bean Milk Shaved Ice, ZenQ Desserts
On our subsequent visit, we tried their Matcha & Red Bean Milk Shaved Ice (宇治金时冰) as we thought it looked delicious from the photo. Priced at RM7.50, the dessert was quite good. It wasn’t too sweet and the red beans complemented the green shaved ice very well.

Their desserts were quite good, we wouldn’t mind going back for more! For more information, please visit their Facebook page. Stay tuned in  to our blog for delicious local food!

Café Information
Unit 20, Jalan Telawi 3
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 22018017

2 Responses to "ZenQ Desserts (仙Q甜品专卖店)

1 | Choi Yen

November 28th, 2011 at 2:47 pm


glad to know that there are more shop selling this type of dessert!

2 | eatonlylar

November 28th, 2011 at 9:20 pm


Choi Yen, yup, more Taiwanese dessert place is good! =)

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