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17 Oct, 2011


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We arrived in Amsterdam with almost half the day gone. After checking in to The Bridge Hotel, we decided to do some casual exploring around the city before heading for dinner.

Canal and Amstel River, Amsterdam
Amsterdam is a very beautiful city with an uncountable number of canals. As previously mentioned, our hotel was located along the Amstel River. Various canals branched off from the river, which provided us with scenic views such as the above almost right outside our hotel.

Bicycle parking flat, Amsterdam
We got on a tram and headed back towards Amsterdam Centraal (the central railway station of Amsterdam) where we continued our exploration of Amsterdam on foot. Located nearby, we saw the world’s first bicycle parking flat. This building has room for around 2,500 bicycles and was built over water. Bicycle riding in Amsterdam is not only very popular, but encouraged as opposed to driving a car. Do be aware that cyclists here can be very aggressive dangerous as one will not usually hear them coming unlike a vehicle.

Canal, Amsterdam
We already decided on a restaurant to go for dinner, so we continued on our way towards the restaurant while taking in the sights along the way. We could not get enough of the canals which made for excellent photo-taking backdrops. Walking along these canals made for a romantic and calming outing.

Westerkerk (Western Church), Amsterdam
The restaurant we originally selection turned out to be closed (permanently from the looks of it), so we decided to go to Burgermeester which had some rave reviews on their burgers. On our way there, we snapped more photos of ourselves and of the canals. Above, one can see the clock tower of the Westerkerk (Western Church) on the right. This church is located very near to the Anne Frank House which will be subject to a later update.

Not long after, we found Burgermeester. There are three branches in Amsterdam at the moment, but we chose to go to the one in the Jordaan district as it was the most convenient. It was a nice day to sit outside, but unfortunately the tables outside were all occupied.

Interior, Burgermeester
The interior was simple and bright. The walls were adorned with photos of cows which we thought was fitting considering what they were known for. Seating inside was limited as well and we had to wait for a table to clear up, but that may be because of the time of day. By the time we were done with our meal, it was not as full and tables were readily available.

Master Beefburger, Burgermeester
We tried a Master Beefburger for €7,50. Along with the beef patty, the burger was made up of fresh and grilled vegetables and tarragon mayonnaise. The burger was very enjoyable. While the patty was not exactly moist and soft, it was full of flavour without having an overpowering beefy sensation. The grilled vegetables added a pleasant element to an already delicious burger.

Mini Trio, Burgermeester
We also had a Mini Trio, priced at €11,00. The burgers at Burgermeester not only comes in the big size, but also comes in a mini size. The Mini Trio allowed us to choose three burgers from the menu. Starting from the left we had the: Spanish Lambburger, Chicken Tandoori Burger and Salmon Burger. The Spanish Lambburger was also made up of chorizo and jalapenos. It was nice and succulent and had a spicy kick thanks to the jalapenos. The Chicken Tandoori Burger had bean sprouts, cilantro and spring onions in it as well. The chicken was tender and perfectly infused with tandoori flavour. It was our personal favourite! The Salmon Burger was made up of salmon, green asparagus, crème fraiche and chives. The salmon was fresh and so it tasted very good. This was one of the better burgers we had!

It was definitely a very satisfying meal. From our experience there, the quality of the burgers cannot be faulted. For more information, check out their website. It’s in Dutch, but at least there’s a map of all three locations and it’s not too hard to piece the menu together. Stay tuned for more Amsterdam adventures!

Restaurant Information
Elandsgracht 130
1016 VB Amsterdam
Tel:  0900-2874377

3 Responses to "Burgermeester"

1 | Choi Yen

October 18th, 2011 at 10:31 am


bean sprouts in a burger, interesting!

2 | Winkel | Eat Only Lar!

October 19th, 2011 at 10:21 pm


[…] a satisfying dinner in Burgermeester, we decided to explore Amsterdam at night. From the Jordaan area, we walked back to the Dam Square, […]

3 | eatonlylar

October 20th, 2011 at 1:56 pm


Choi Yen: Yeah, it was a first for us too. Turned out really well, though!

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