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28 Aug, 2012


Posted by: Wen Ching In: Fast Food

A new sensation in the burger community seems to be myBurgerLab. We’ve read rave reviews about it on various blogs, thus we decided to pop by and check it out for ourselves.

Interior, myBurgerLab
We were aware of how popular the place was and that there would be a huge crowd in the evening. So we decided to play it smart and visit the restaurant later in the night at around 9pm onwards. That plan didn’t turn out so well as there was still a huge crowd both eating their burgers and waiting for their burgers.

Counter, myBurgerLab
Considering its popularity, there simply must be something about the burgers that make them worth the wait. The crowd would not deter us from getting our hands on such burgers, so we walked up to the counter and placed our order.

Portabella Fries, myBurgerLab
We waited around 45 minutes for our order to be given to us, which was a long enough time for us to hope that the food had better be worth the wait. We started off our meal that night with the Portabella Fries, priced at RM15. Basically fried portabella mushrooms coated with crumbs and cut into wedges, we thought that this side order was absolutely brilliant. Crispy on the outside and with soft mushroom on the inside, what’s not to like?

Beautiful Mess Burger, myBurgerLab
As for our burgers, one of the burgers we tried was the Beautiful Mess. Priced at RM18, a beef patty, fried portabella mushrooms, a sunny side up egg and mozzarella cheese were sandwiched in between two homemade charcoal buns. It was rather thick and the burger lived up to its name as it was indeed messy to bite into, but the combination of the ingredients made it simply ‘beautiful’ to consume. While this burger did not have a distinct taste of note, an enjoyable medley of flavours from the egg, mushroom, cheese, beef and the special sauce inside the burger was the result. We would note that we found the beef patty itself to be a little on the dry side and it was not the best patty we’ve had, but the burger was still very good for our tastes!

Spicy Hawaiian Burger, myBurgerLab
The other burger we ordered was the Spicy Hawaiian for RM14. This was a chicken burger with grilled pineapple, red sauce and mozzarella. Similar to the Beautiful Mess, we observed that the chicken in this burger may have been lacking in moisture and slightly dry. However, the Spicy Hawaiian was delectable due to the special red sauce in the burger which was mildly spicy and contrasted with the sweet pineapple in the burger. The resulting flavour was definitely an enjoyable experience!

Awesome Fries, myBurgerLab
We added on RM6 to make one of our burgers a meal with came with fries and a bottomless drink. On the menu, the fries were called ‘Awesome Fries’ which was rather amusing. However, one bite into these fries and we just had one word to describe it – awesome. These were not just your average fries, these fries were fresh and coated with herbs. We cant be too sure, but we tasted some thyme and possibly oregano in there. The point is that we found the fries to be top quality! There was also a homemade sauce which tasted like a mash-up of chilli, mayonnaise and mustard which was very much enjoyable as well.

We would conclude that myBurgerLab is definitely worth the wait. The selection of burgers there are unique and we would love to return to try the rest! They open from 5pm every day except Mondays, so we would advise our readers to plan ahead and visit before you’re actually starving as that would make the wait even more difficult! For more information, do check out myBurgerLab’s Facebook page.

Restaurant Information
No. 14, Jalan 21/22
46300 Petaling Jaya

4 Responses to "myBurgerLab"

1 | Simple Person

August 28th, 2012 at 9:07 am


I have not try yet…. and I live nearby..

2 | Chong

August 28th, 2012 at 3:51 pm


Went there twice and there were huge crowd on both occasions. But then again, I went there during peak hours. Haha. I liked their idea and menu but somehow, I find that their patty is missing something…

3 | CG

August 28th, 2012 at 11:24 pm


I also think that the burger patties are mostly dry…they did not have any dressing/mayo or special sauces in the burgers.. Mainly relying on mustard n ketchup…

4 | eatonlylar

September 7th, 2012 at 1:29 am


Simple Person: Ooh, we think it’s worth a try at least. Since you live nearby, just pop over when there’s less people! Haha

Chong: We totally agree with you. Their menu is quite unique and attractive, but their beef patties and chicken fillets lack a memorable taste on their own.

CG: We’d agree to the extent where the patties are quite dry. However, we thought the burger was good overall due to the sauces in it. The sauces in the burgers we tried were quite nice and really saved the burgers!

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