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29 Mar, 2012

Ma’Cik Biryani

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Indian Food

Ever since coming back from Cardiff, we have been eating a lot of good food. However, one of the things that we miss most about the UK is the briyani (believe it or not). The ones that we’ve tried in Malaysia just do not seem to have the same level of satisfaction as a tried and proven Ambala mixed briyani.

Interior, Ma'Cik Biryani
So when we stumbled upon Ma’Cik Biryani in the Curve, we decided that we simply must give it a try. A casual restaurant with very enticing biryani photos in their menu, we had a good feeling about this one!

Tau Hoo Sumbat, Ma'Cik Biryani
We were not going to rush into things though. There is always time for an appetiser. We started off with the Tau Hoo Sumbat for RM9.80. Otherwise known as taufu bakar on the street, this one from Ma’Cik Biryani was not bad at all. The tofu skin was grilled until crispy and the thick rojak sauce around it was sweet with a hint of spiciness.

Biryani Pot, Ma'Cik Biryani
The biryani dishes at this restaurant are all served in a pot like this. This is because each portion of biryani is baked upon ordering and served fresh and hot!

Egg Biryani, Ma'Cik Biryani
We tried the Egg Biryani, priced at RM12.80. We were actually very surprised at how it turned out. The pot of biryani was thoroughly infused with all the essential herbs and spices that makes a biryani good. Upon mixing the rice in the pot, we discovered that it was also baked with some variation of egg sambal. It was absolutely delicious and we enjoyed it very much!

Mutton Biryani, Ma'Cik Biryani
We also had the Mutton Biryani for RM20.80. The rice for the mutton biryani was slightly different from the egg biryani in that it didn’t have any sort of sauce baked inside it. Instead, the biryani came in its pure form albeit with a hint of mutton flavour infused into the rice. Two mutton pieces were baked in the pot along with the rice, but they were still moist and the meat was not tough and dry.  The mutton biryani had a different taste from the egg, but was still flavourful and still enjoyable as well!

Overall, we were very happy that we tried Ma’Cik Biryani. Maybe we cant get the same biryani as how we did back in Cardiff, but it doesn’t mean that we cant get something equally as good! We will definitely be back to Ma’Cik Biryani for more fabulous Egg Biryani!
Restaurant Information
Lot 156, Level One
Western Courtyard
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 – 77106188

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