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26 Jul, 2012

Marutama Ramen (まる玉らーめん)

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Japanese Food

Not too long ago, we read numerous positive comments about Marutama Ramen and decided to join the ramen craze and give them a visit.
Located on the first floor of the Fahrenheit Mall, the restaurant was relatively easy to find, mainly because the mall was rather small.

Interior, Marutama Ramen
The restaurant was rather quiet on a Saturday afternoon. We took the window seat as it was quieter in that area.

Marutama Ramen, Marutama Ramen
As written on their menu, Marutama Ramen is the pioneer of chicken soup for ramen in Japan. Their soup was cooked for five hours daily and it takes one chicken to make two bowls of soup. We were intrigued and can’t wait to find out more about its taste! After looking at their menu, we ordered Set C from their set menu which was their Ramen Torigohan Set. Priced at RM22, this set comprises of one bowl of Marutama Ramen (まる玉らーめん), Chicken Rice, Pickled Radish and a cup of green tea. The chicken soup ramen was served with a slice of roast pork, seaweed and spring onions. We took a sip of the soup and we liked it. The broth was thick, flavourful and very savoury, it went well with the noodles which was thin but springy and al dente. I personally liked the seaweed which came with it, it was simple yet delicious!

Chicken Rice, Marutama Ramen
The Chicken Rice which came along with the set was quite good as well. My better half enjoyed eating the rice a lot. It was another simple but flavourful dish. The serving of the set was big and enough to fill our empty stomachs.

Aka Tamago Ramen, Marutama Ramen
We also ordered an Aka Tamago Ramen (赤玉子らーめん) which was priced at RM24. This mildly spicy ramen broth was made with seven kinds of groundnuts mixture. It was served with chicken meatballs, seaweed, spring onions, pickled radish, coriander, lemon and a seasoned egg. We thought this ramen was excellent, we liked the meatballs a lot, and the broth was thick and delicious, overall it was a very good bowl of ramen.

Gyoza, Marutama Ramen
Other than ramen, we also ordered a plate of Gyoza (餃子) for RM10. The chili oil coated dumplings were moist and delicious which was good as a side for a ramen meal.

Overall, we enjoyed the food in Marutama Ramen. Even though our best ramen choice would still be Menya Musashi, we will still revisit Marutama to try more of their delicious ramen, maybe one of the spicier ones since we like spicy food!

Restaurant Information
Fahrenheit 88
F1.27.01, First Floor
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-21411573

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