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11 Jul, 2013

Monja Oshio (もんじゃおしお和店), Japan

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Two months ago I had the privilege to visit Tokyo when I flew to Haneda. After a good night rest, I woke up and joined my colleagues for lunch.

Tsukishima Station, Japan
We took the subway to Tsukishima Station (月島駅), where Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き) was said to have originated. There were many shops and restaurants located along the peaceful walkway. We randomly chose a restaurant and had our lunch there.

Mentaiko Mochi Cheese Monja, Monja Oshio
Ordering wasn’t the easiest thing to do as the menu was written in Japanese. We decided to have what was recommended by the waitress, the Mentaiko Mochi Cheese Monja (明太子もちチーズ), as it was one of the best selling items in the restaurant.

Mentaiko Mochi Cheese Monja, Monja Oshio
Monjayaki was a type of Japanese pan-fried batter with various ingredients. It was similar to Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), however, the mixture for Monjayaki was runnier and more liquid than Okonomiyaki. It was fun watching the Monja being prepared in front of us, like what I watched in the drama, I felt so excited!

Mentaiko Mochi Cheese Monja, Monja Oshio
When it was ready to eat we indulged in it. It was my first time having Monja, and I liked it. The Mentaiko taste was rather strong and it complemented well with the cheese. Not bad at all!

Kaisenten Okonomiyaki, Monja Oshio
Next we had the Kaisen Ten Okonomiyaki (海鮮天). Again we watched our food being cooked in front of us. As pictured above, the ingredients of the Okonomiyaki was more coarsely cut compared to the Monjayaki.

Kaisenten Okonomiyaki, Monja Oshio
When it was done, the Seafood Okonomiyaki was topped with Bonito flakes, mayonnaise and Worchester sauce. It was juicy and delicious, I enjoyed loved the Okonomiyaki a lot, I will definitely return for more!

Kaminarimon, Asakusa, Japan
After a satisfying lunch, I embarked on my sightseeing tour in Tokyo. I took the subway to Asakusa Station, where the Sensoji Temple (金龍山浅草寺) was. The Kaminarimon (雷門) was the first thing I saw once I stepped out of the subway station across the street.

Asakusa, Japan
Along the walk into Sensouji Temple, there were countless souvenir shops and food stalls.

Asakusa, Japan
It was difficult not to get distracted by the lovely items which they were selling. There were many tourists on that day too, as the Sanja Matsuri was held earlier.

Hozomon, Asakusa, Japan
The Hozomon (宝蔵門) was the large entrance that ultimately leads to the Sensoji Temple.

Sensoji, Asakusa, Japan
After passing the Treasure House Gate, I finally arrived at the temple, where the five-story pagoda and the Main Hall was located. The ancient Buddhist Temple was the oldest temple in Japan, founded in 628.

Asakusa, Japan
I walked around the area for a bit, since there were many stalls set up for the festival. I saw a child scooping the goldfish with a tiny net. What seemed easy was rather challenging, it was fun watching the game.

Asakusa, Japan
As it was approaching sunset the lanterns were lighted up. The street looked simple and beautiful.

Asakusa, Japan
As the stores were closing slowly in Asakusa, I made my way to Ginza (銀座).

Ginza, Japan
The shopping district was rather congested but alive at night, it was an incredible shopping area with a lot to offer. Next up would be another adventure in Japan – Fukuoka. Stay tuned for more travel updates!

Restaurant Information
1-21-5 Tsukishima
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3532-9000

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