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16 Oct, 2012

Senjyu Japanese Restaurant (千寿)

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Japanese Food

It was our first time trying out Senjyu recently even though we frequent Bangsar Village a lot.

Senjyu Japanese Restaurant, Bangsar
Located on the second floor of Bangsar Village II, Senjyu took over the previous location of Sakae Sushi.

Restaurant Interior, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
The restaurant interior was rather impressive, dimly lit, quiet and comfortable.

Restaurant Interior, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
Various types of Japanese Sake and Shochu on display.

Restaurant Interior, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
The area where we were seated.

Spider Cheese Maki, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
We had a Spider Cheese Maki (チーズ巻) to start our dinner with. Priced at RM22, the roll was wrapped with soft shell crab, cheese and flying fish roe. Fresh and delicious, we enjoyed it!

Senjyu Chirashi Don Zen, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
As for our mains, we ordered the Senjyu Chirashi Don Zen (千寿ちらしどん膳) which was priced at RM38. The set consisted of a Chirashi Don (assorted sashimi on sushi rice), salad, Miso Soup, Japanese Tofu and a Chawanmushi. The Chirashi Don was good, the salmon and the tuna slices were fresh and serving was generous, we thought it was worth the price paid.

Japanese Tofu, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
Photo above was the Japanese Tofu which came with the Senjyu Chirashi Don Zen, simple and nice.

Nabeyaki Udon to California Maki Zen, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
We also had a Nabeyaki Udon To California Maki Zen (鍋焼きうどんとカリフオルニア巻膳). Priced at RM38, the set was served with Nabeyaki Udon, California Maki, salad, Miso Soup and Chawanmushi. The California Roll was fresh and healthy, no complains about it!

Nabeyaki Udon, Senjyu Japanese Restaurant
The Nabeyaki Udon was good as well, served with Tempura prawn, chicken, egg, fish cake and seaweed, the dish was simple and nice.

We had a pleasant dining experience in Senjyu and wouldn’t mind revisiting the restaurant again. The food was good and the price was reasonable given the fine ambience and the quality of the food. Do check it out if you like Japanese food!

Restaurant Information
2F-27 & 28,
2nd Floor,
Bangsar Village II
2, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
03-2287 1535

2 Responses to "Senjyu Japanese Restaurant (千寿)"

1 | Simple Person

October 16th, 2012 at 12:30 pm


I head about it.. and yet to try..
good japanese food..

2 | Wen Ching

October 28th, 2012 at 10:05 pm


Simple Person, this place does serve quality Japanese food at a reasonable price. Do check it out when you’re at Bangsar area!

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