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24 Sep, 2012

Restoran Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Malaysian Food|Thai Food

It is no surprise that we are fans of Malay-Thai food, so when we heard about Vicchuda Tomyam from Motormouth From Ipoh’s blog, we simply had to try it.

Restoran Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood
The restaurant was rather large and we could see that it was very popular. It was easy enough to find in Damansara Uptown/Utama with its large sign and it being on the same row as Maybank (the row directly behind Village Park Nasi Lemak, for want of a better landmark).

Tomyam Ayam (Chicken Tomyam), Restoran Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood
We tried the Tomyam Ayam (Chicken Tomyam), priced at RM5 for a small portion. It was rather different from that of Yusuf Tomyam’s. Vicchuda’s was not thick and it was the clear version of tomyam soup. It was more sour rather than spicy as well, which was enjoyable in its own way.

Ayam Padprik (Padprik Chicken), Restoran Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood
Dinner would not be complete without various dishes to go along with rice! Therefore we tried the Ayam Padprik (Padprik Chicken). A small serving was priced at RM4.50. We thought that the sauce was flavourful, but it was not the best ayam padprik that we’ve had. Overall, there was nothing too spectacular about this dish.

Kerabu Sotong, Restoran Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood
We also had a small Kerabu Sotong, priced at RM5.50. This dish was nice and sour, with a generous amount of birds eye chilli in it which gave it a spicy kick when bitten into. It was very appetising, but my better half may have found it a bit of a hassle to pick out the small pieces of chopped lemongrass mixed in the salad.

Ikan Goreng Tiga Rasa (Three-Flavoured Fried Fish), Restoran Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood
The main attraction of the night was definitely the Ikan Goreng Tiga Rasa (Three-Flavoured Fried Fish). The sauce was a mixture of diced vegetables, baked beans and various spices which turned out really good. It was aromatic and savoury and went really well with rice! The fish itself was deep fried until crispy and was very easy to bite through.

Pucuk Paku Belacan, Restoran Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood
Our vegetable dish that night was the Pucuk Paku Belacan, priced at RM4 for the smallest portion. We found this quite good as well due to its strong and savoury belacan flavour. This was a dish which one really cannot go wrong with!

Overall, we found the food at Vicchuda to be alright. The prices quoted above were from the menu, but our total for the night turned out to be much higher than expected which left us puzzled. The items we ordered were definitely correct, but we could not obtain a breakdown of the pricing. It was not something to worry too much about, but we just decided that if we wanted some better tasting and affordable Malay tomyam, we would stick to Yusuf Tomyam  in Bangsar which has a more convenient location as well.

Restaurant Information
24, Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 – 77223481

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