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16 Nov, 2009

Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Beach 2nd post

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Malaysian Food|Tioman Island

This is the last post on our Tioman trip, previous food and photos taken in Tioman Island can be found here.

We love the sea a lot. And the beach too. Many were quite surprised and asked us if spending 7 days in Tioman would be a little bored. Our answer would be no. The sceneries were just too beautiful to get enough of them. And there are a lot to do on the island too, snorkeling, diving, cycling, jungle tracking, fishing and even reading a book makes me feel so good.

We watched the sunset almost everyday.

After sunset, we went to Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Beach’s coffee house, for dinner. In our previous post on Sri Nelayan, we mentioned that we had coupons which provided us with two dinner sets in Sri Nelayan. We dined in this place twice. This is a combination of the two dinners that we had in Sri Nelayan.

For starters, we had a choice of fresh salad or a soup. We had fresh salad as they allowed us to mix and match our own salad at the buffet counter.

For our mains, we had a Romano style braised lamb shank served with ratatouille and mashed potatoes. Though we were unsure how an authentic ratatouille would taste like, the mixed vegetables tasted quite good as an accompaniment with the lamb shank. The lamb shank was good, it was fleshy and juicy and the tomato sauce boosted our appetites.

Ys had a grilled t-bone steak served with roasted potatoes, chef’s selected vegetables and mushroom sauce. The portion of the steak served was rather large. The steak was a little dry on its own, but complemented with the mushroom sauce, it was good.

The quarter chicken briyani rice served with vegetable dhall curry, deep-fried egg, chicken pea crackers and assorted condiments tasted quite decent. It wasn’t extraordinary, but not too bad either.

The fried tiger prawns served with potato wedges, trio dip which includes mustard, chili and curry dip and mixed fresh salad with house dressing. The tiger prawns were fresh and juicy on its own, however, it wasn’t well-fried and ended up a little soggy. The trio dip was good, it was nice having a few choices of dipping sauce.

As for our desserts, we are free to choose from the assortment of desserts from the buffet counter. The little cakes and pastries were nicely arranged and presentation was good too. Suffice for us to say that their dessert tasted quite good generally.

We had a great stay in Berjaya Tioman Beach. It was a good resort. More information about Berjaya Tioman Beach can be found on their official website here. And Tioman Island was fantastic! The last photo was taken after dinner. The sky was full of stars, something that we can hardly find in KL. We would definitely be revisiting again.

Restaurant Information
Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Beach,
Golf & Spa Resort,
Pulau Tioman, P.O. Box 4,
86807 Mersing,
Johor Darul Takzim,
Tel : 09-4191000

4 Responses to "Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Beach 2nd post"

1 | ai wei

November 16th, 2009 at 3:11 am


i love the interior of this place. esp the wood craved ceiling?! with yummy food. hmmm, this meal not cheap hor?! we all should plan a trip together :)

2 | 孤傲的王子

November 16th, 2009 at 11:20 am


nice photo, nice food too!!
aiyo, make me hungry already…hehe

3 | ~Christine~Leng

November 19th, 2009 at 4:19 am


very nice pictures sugarbean! yea….we should plan a trip together when you're back! :)

4 | Katlyn

June 19th, 2010 at 6:48 am


Good spread of food. That’s what I loved during my trip at Tioman hotels.

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