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21 Nov, 2011

Kam Yin

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Netherlands|Surinamese Food

After a delightful early dinner at Pancakes! Amsterdam, we spent a good amount of time walking around the city and taking pictures. It was our last night in Amsterdam and we wanted to make the most of it. Eventually we got hungry, so it was time for our late dinner!

Kam Yin, Amsterdam
We decided to dine in Kam Yin, a Chinese-Surinamese restaurant similar to Albina, based on a Lonely Planet recommendation. The restaurant was located just a short walk away from Amsterdam Centraal train station.

Interior, Kam Yin
The restaurant was very big and had plenty of tables on the inside. A section of the restaurant was closed as it was getting late, but the section where we sat still had plenty of people with more coming in even as we were leaving.

Rijst Pom Speciaal (Roasted Chicken and Roots with Rice), Kam Yin
The staff were very friendly and took some time to talk to us and to recommend some items from the menu. We were recommended the Rijst Pom Speciaal (Roasted Chicken and Roots with Rice) for €9.00. The roasted chicken was surprisingly good. The meat was tender and excellent with the savoury sauce. It came with a portion of root vegetables as well which added a dimension to the dish with its ever so slight bitter flavour and yam-like texture. Truly a satisfying dish and affordable as well, since it came with a rather large plate of rice!

Roti Kip Speciaal (Roti Chicken Special), Kam Yin
We also ordered the Roti Kip Speciaal (Roti Chicken Special). For €6.50, we received a generous serving of chicken curry, potatoes, long beans and two pancakes. The curry itself was more watery than the one we had in Albina and its curry taste was not as strong. The pancake was slightly thick and not too soft. Even so, we thought it was not bad at all. However, we would recommend the roti with chicken curry at Albina over this one.

Amsterdam at Night
That was our last proper meal in Amsterdam and the trip as a whole was very satisfying. It was a great experience to be able to walk around such a great city and to try so many types of food. Both of us at Eat Only Lar! will always have good things to say about the city. To sign off our Amsterdam series, we leave you with this view of the city at night as observed a little ways up the street from Kam Yin.

Restaurant Information
Nieuwebrugsteeg 10-12
1012 Amsterdam
Tel: 020 – 4204563

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