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05 Aug, 2011

Tapa Tapa

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Spain|Spanish Food

On the last day of our visit in Barcelona, we spent most of our time visiting places near our hotel area so to make sure that we will be able to catch our flight to Lisbon in time.

Plaza Espanya from Arenas de Barcelona, Barcelona
After checking out of the hotel, we walked over to Arenas de Barcelona, a building originally built as a bullring but was converted into a shopping mall now. In addition to a supermarket, a cinema, an outdoor jogging trail on the fourth floor, shops and restaurants, the shopping mall also houses a rock and roll museum! On the fifth floor, where this photo was captured, a huge outdoor terrace with stunning panoramic views of the city is open to the public.

Tapa Tapa
Tapa Tapa was within walking distance from Arenas de Barcelona. We walked pass this restaurant many times and found the menu very interesting. Since we were looking for a restaurant in that area, we decided to give this place a try.

Interior, Tapa Tapa
Tapa Tapa is a chain restaurant under AN Grup. There was another Tapa Tapa that we saw while visiting Maremàgnum in Port Vell. We liked the interior of the restaurant, simple, modern and pleasant.

Bar seats, Tapa Tapa
Bar seats were also available in the restaurant, where you will be able to take a closer look at the various tapas on display.

Pa amb tomàquet, Tapa Tapa
We started our lunch with pa amb tomàquet, a typical recipe in Catalonia consisting of bread toasted and rubbed over with tomato and seasoned with salt and olive oil. Priced at €3.50 for two persons, the tomato bread was delicious. Tapa Tapa’s version was thinner and crustier compared to Etapes’, the latter has a more prominent tomato taste.

Assortit de “montaditos”, Tapa Tapa
Feeling greedy, we decided to have the assortit de “montaditos” (assortment of canapés) for €8.20. We were served with five types of delectable canapés. Clockwise from the top left, we had the amanida de cranc i llagostins (crab and shrimp salad), truita de patates (potato omelette), pernil ibèric d’aglà (Iberian acorn ham), brie amb tòfona (brie with truffle) and llagosti i rusta (shrimp and Russian salad). The crab and shrimp salad and the shrimp and Russian salad canapés were really good, the seafood were very fresh and juicy! Our personal favourite would be the brie with truffle. The cheese was dense and creamy, perfect when eaten with the hard toasted bread!

Fried eggs and potatoes with Iberian acorn ham, Tapa Tapa
Next up, we had a fried eggs and potatoes with Iberian acorn ham tapa for €3.65. This was definitely one of the best tapas that we’ve had. The runny yolk of the eggs melted on crispy potatoes formed a winning combination with the Iberian ham. The cured ham gave the dish a very rich savoury taste which went well with the silky melted-eggs potatoes. A highly recommended tapa!

Camembert delicacies, Tapa Tapa
The Camembert delicacies was also one of our favourites. Priced at €3.35, the deep-fried cheese were served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. The outer layer of the cheese was nicely deep fried and crispy while the inside was soft and creamy. Two thumbs up for this tapa!

Patates braves, Tapa Tapa
We also had their patates braves for €3.25. Instead of being cut into small bites sizes, Tapa Tapa’s version was served as potato wedges, drizzled with generous topping of mayonnaise. We liked this tapa as well, very flavourful as they were cooked with paprika and red pepper, which added a tinge of spiciness to the dish!

Paella parellada, Tapa Tapa
Our paella parellada came last, simply because more time is needed to prepare a paella. Priced at €5.35, this seafood paella was delicious, flavourful and served with fresh seafood. Add lemon juice to further enhance the flavour!

Service was good and speedy despite the huge crowd during lunchtime and the selection of tapas were extensive. Find out more about their restaurant on their website. Next we will be writing about our trip to Lisbon, stay with us for more gastronomic adventures in Portugal!

Restaurant Information
Gran Vía Corts Catalana, 373-385
Local B-4c
08015 Barcelona
Tel: +34 932 924 644

5 Responses to "Tapa Tapa"

1 | Baby Sumo

August 5th, 2011 at 2:40 pm


Man, I miss a good paella!

2 | ai wei

August 6th, 2011 at 5:24 am


aw, i love tapas, simply because it comes small, so that i can try out more variety. but tapas in kl dun come cheap. sigh

3 | kampungboycitgal

August 6th, 2011 at 3:29 pm


eat so much?! hats off to u 😀

4 | Christine

August 7th, 2011 at 5:16 am


missed the paella so much from barcelona. and i love how they cook their tapas. so much flavoursome :)
U guys really ate a lot! salute! hehe

5 | eatonlylar

August 7th, 2011 at 12:07 pm


Baby Sumo, yeah, we have to agree that paella is very addicting! But I’m sure you can get good ones in Malaysia too. La Bodega is quite good! :)

Ai Wei, yeah, that’s the good thing about tapas! Can try lots of them at the same time! Yeah, have to agree that tapas in KL aren’t cheap. It’s ok, we can still go once in a while. 😀

Kampungboycitygal, haha, yeah, we did ate quite a lot throughout the trip. But it was tapas, so we thought we could order more. Hehe, greedy!

Christine, yeah, the paellas that we had in Barcelona were really good, miss them a lot too! Haha, I guess we tend to eat more when we’re traveling, since we’re using up more energy as well. Hehe!

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