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09 Apr, 2013

Baan Chom View, Thailand

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Thai Food|Travel

On my last day of my trip in Phuket Island, we drove to Kata Beach to explore different places.

Kata Beach, Baan Chom View, Thailand
We passed by a viewpoint and also a couple of restaurants on our way there and stopped by to take some photos and also for lunch.

Kata Beach, Baan Chom View, Thailand
The view from the restaurant was magnificent and it was peaceful and comfortable to dine in there.

Interior, Baan Chom View
The restaurant interior was mainly made out of wood, which was nice and pleasant.

Interior, Baan Chom View
This was where we were seated. We noticed that the restaurant was quite popular among tourists.

Spicy Pork Massaman Curry, Baan Chom View
Service was good and our food arrived shortly after we ordered. We ordered a few dishes and two plates of rice. Priced at 160 Baht, the Spicy Pork Massaman Curry was a dish that I enjoyed eating a lot. the curry was thick and fragrant and the peanuts in the curry gave the dish an extra kick.

Spicy Thai Style Chicken, Baan Chom View
The Spicy Thai Style Chicken was priced at 220 Baht. It was good but I didn’t like it personally because it was mixed with abundance of finely chopped raw onions. It was a very healthy dish though, served with a lot of green vegetables.

Rice, Baan Chom View
The rice was served in star shape. I thought it was quite special.

Kata Beach, Baan Chom View, Thailand
Overall it was a nice place to dine in, although the price was slightly on the higher end. Service was very good almost everywhere in Phuket and I wouldn’t mind traveling there again for a vacation.

Restaurant Information
69/15 Kata Noi Road
Kata Beach
Phuket, Thailand.

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