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09 Jul, 2011

Aegean Taverna

Posted by: Wen Ching In: Greek Food|United Kingdom

My better half speaks highly of Greek food. I have not had the privilege of going on holiday there yet. The natural conclusion was for us to find a Greek restaurant in Cardiff and so we did. Enter, The Aegean Taverna.

Interior, Aegean Taverna
This restaurant is probably the most established of Cardiff’s Greek offerings. Readers should note that the restaurant has moved to premises on Whitchurch Road, having previously been on Woodville Road. Online searches might still show the old address sometimes.

Interior, Aegean Taverna
The restaurant staff were very friendly and showed us to our table upon arrival. The décor of the restaurant gave it a very authentic Greek vibe and it felt like the perfect place to be in to sample Greek cuisine.

Greek Coffee, Aegean Taverna
We ordered a Greek Coffee for £1.80 which came in an espresso cup. The coffee was very strong and very sweet. I am normally a fan of bitter coffee, but I was rather delighted with this particularly cup. Despite the previous comment as to its sweetness, it did not overwhelm the taste of the coffee. It struck a good balance and I enjoyed it very much.

Saganaki Tyri, Aegean Taverna
As a starter we had the Saganaki Tyri, priced at £4.50. This dish consisted of sliced hard cheese, known as kefalotyri, fried with honey. As a general rule, any variety of fried cheese is a winning formula. However, this starter turned out very salty. It was nice to begin with, but we quickly grew weary of the saltiness towards the end of the dish.

Mixed Souvlaki, Aegean Taverna
One of our mains was the Mixed Souvlaki, priced at £13.20. Marinated chicken fillets and Welsh lamb were grilled to make up this dish, along with a serving of potatoes and vegetables. We enjoyed the lamb as the marinade produced a slight minty flavour and the lamb pieces were tender. The chicken pieces on the other hand, were a bit too hard for our liking and required more effort to chew through.

Fresh Xifias, Aegean Taverna
We also ordered the Fresh Xifias which was a swordfish fillet grilled in balsamic vinegar, honey and olive oil. It was served with white wine cream sauce and vegetables. The price of this dish was £14.50. We enjoyed the fish considerably. The sharp and sweet taste of the balsamic vinegar and honey were complemented very nicely by the cream sauce.

Baklava, Aegean Taverna
For dessert, we had the Baklava for £4.50. As one would expect, the baklava was immensely sweet. The nuts also added a pleasant taste which we thought went really nicely with the sweetness of the baklava. We enjoyed our dessert very much!

The Aegean Taverna served as a nice change from the usual selection of food in Cardiff. Not excellent by any means, but it is not bad at all. Further information can be found on the restaurant’s website here.

Restaurant Information
72-74 Whitchurch Road,
Cardiff, CF14 3LX.
United Kingdom.
Tel: 02920345114

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